Graceful Action
Graceful Action

    Personal Training, Health Coaching, Wellness Activities, Yoga, Workshops, Pilates, Group Fitness Activities and Speaking~

      GracefulAction specializes in
       helping to create healthy lifestyles by leading
       group exercise events, presenting various workshops,
       and, through personal training sessions,
       in helping individuals reach their personal health
       and wellness goals.

         ~Moving bodies, minds, and spirits with healthy inspiration~

    With 20 Professional Certifications, education and experience, and, as a Master Trainer, Linda would love to lead your Workshop, Speak at your Event, or Coach you in Personal Training or in  Health and Lifestyle Management.

    RESORTS~ Linda and her team have over 20 years of International experience, working with over 100 hotels and resorts in spa and fitness start-up and branding projects including design, project management, creating safety protocols and schedules, staffing, training, and marketing.

           If you are interested in establishing your brand with uniqueness and relevance in the growing industry and increasing your bottom line, we can help create your niche in the areas of health, wellness and fitness. We are also experts at designing and running themed and Fitness and Wellness Retreats. 2018 has been declared the year of Wellness and Rejuvenation in the Caribbean. Don't miss out on this opportunity to draw health-minded individuals, couples and groups to your resorts. 

           Linda, along with her team of fitness, spa, wellness and marketing experts, is your best choice in fitness and wellness design and programming. 

    Thank you for visiting my website.

    Life is a gift, and you are a gift to this life. Optimize your personal or resort health and vitality with a wellness program designed especially for you!

    Personal Training is affordable, and surprisingly fitting for your lifestyle. Enjoy life with good health and do the things that you love!

    Breathe deeply, Enjoy life!      Peace. ~ Linda