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Graceful Action

Personal Training

It’s just that- Personal. Targeted. Individual. I will partner with you to help you improve your life.

Together, we will define specific, attainable goals to work towards. Your sessions will be tailored to meet your individual needs, desires, time frames and preferences.

As your trainer, you will be coached, motivated, and provided with a safe and effective plan. NOW is the time to get and stay healthy! Please get started.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Call Linda to schedule your Free Consultation. Personal Training is affordable. You will be amazed at how it suits you to a tee!



  •  Master Trainer knowledge, guidance and support-reduce stress
  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • lose weight and fat and tone up safely
  • learn how to exercise properly
  • get stronger, build lean muscle tissue and strong bones
  • improve your posture
  • strengthen your heart and lungs and improve your endurance
  • learn, or further your practice of yoga or Pilates
  • relieve back pain
  • improve mood and attitudes
  • maintain and regain function; improve range of motion
  • improve balance and stability, preventing falls
  • learn healthy lifestyle and diet choices
  • gain flexibility
  • improve coordination
  • condition for golf, skiing, a 5K!
  • get in shape for a special occasion